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Post-construction cleaning 

With our Post construction cleaning, we are very detailed oriented, thorough, and make sure we do not miss a step. All of our employees are thoroughly screened, trained, and are capable of any cleanings needs on-site.

After construction, it is hard to get rid of the heavy dust. Especially for clients with respiratory problems and small children, it is essential to get a professional post-construction cleaning as the dust travels to places the common person wouldn't think they would reach.


Leave it to us.

Post-construction cleaning 

  • Cleaning Entryway and walkaways

  • Cleaning all cabinets and drawers inside and out

  • cleaning of the stove, microwave, and refrigerator(exterior)

  • Wiping down all doors, walls, window sills.

  • Cleaning countertops and sinks

  • Cleaning and polishing fixtures

  • Cleaning windows, mirrors, and all glass

  • Cleaning bathtubs, showers, and toilets 

  • All floors to be swept and mopped.

  • Carpet to be vacuumed

  • Cleaning of fireplaces and nooks.

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