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When you run a school or dealing with children. Nothing matters more than the safety of the children, staff, and the environment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed after every cleaning. Contact us immediately if you spot any issues after cleaning, simply let us know and we will fix the problem immediately.

Daycare Cleaning Services

  • Disinfection. We offer a safe and child friendly disfection and sanitazion of all surfaces and items.

  • No cross contamination. With our unique approach to every cleaning, and specialized equipments. We do not miss a hair.

  • Better Air Quality. With our special blend of essential oils and infused products we offer aromatherpy after every cleaning if requested. Our special blends also helps purify and disfect the air fo a better air quality.

  • Flexible Schedule : We work around your chedule and needs. Your facility will recieve a plan and sheduling based on your hours of operation.

  • Bonded, Secured , Insured. All of our employees and thoroughly trained, bonded and insured.

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